General Limited Warranty Summary – FireFly-One, Inc. will warranty all lighting system components for five (5) full years,
with the exception of the strobe assembly, which will have a warranty period of two (2) full years from date of product
shipment. These warranties do not cover any labor and only covers system components. FireFly-One, lnc. warrants to the
purchaser of new FireFly-One, lnc. product(s) that during the effective period of the warranty such product(s) shall be free
of defect in workmanship and material. If a defect occurs under normal use, replacement parts will be shipped at no charge.
Warranty replacement parts require the return of suspected defective materials being returned to FireFly-One, lnc. for
examination to disclose, in our judgment, a manufacturing defect.

Labor Warranty – Warranty does not include labor or the cost of specialized equipment such as lifts, staging, scaffolding, or
any other type of equipment need to access areas to service or repair lighting system.

System Component Warranty – All components of the lighting system will be covered for a total of five (5) years, with the
exception of the strobe assembly is covered for two (2) years, from date of shipment as described in the general summary.
This warranty is contingent upon the proper use of the product(s). Such warranty shall not apply if the product(s) failure is
the result of accident, unusual physical or electrical stress, neglect, misuse, failure of electrical power, work performed by
others, damaging foreign substances, causes other than manufacturing defect. Purchaser agrees to provide full and free
access for any needed warranty work. Firefly-One, Inc. must be notified immediately if there are any non-working systems.

Obligations Under the Terms of the Warranty – FireFly-One, lnc.’s sole responsibility shall be to repair or replace at its
option any product(s) that fail during this period, provided purchaser has promptly reported such failure to FireFly-One, Inc.
FireFly-One, Inc. shall not be liable for consequential damage resulting from defects in materials and/or workmanship on the
premises. Warranty only covers parts and materials to repair the lighting system components.