April 19, 2023

IFPA Announces 2nd Cohort for Fresh Field Catalyst Accelerator

Washington D.C. and Newark De.  –  International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) has announced their newest cohort for the Fresh Field Catalyst Accelerator. This year’s companies are focused on climate-smart solutions to some of the industry’s biggest challenges.

This is the second cohort for the Fresh Field Catalyst Accelerator that brings companies with ready to market solutions for the produce industry. These companies may already be in adjacent markets with potential to provide produce with a climate-smart innovation.  The purpose of the Accelerator is to create a rapid industry introduction and onboarding for these companies to remove barriers, make connections and increase intel that can help to speed innovation and adoption.

“We’re thrilled to welcome our second cohort to the Fresh Field Catalyst Accelerator,” said IFPA Vice President of AgFood Tech Innovation, Vonnie Estes. “In our first year, we were successful in introducing 12 companies to the industry which has led to new partnerships, investments and critical innovation for the produce sector. This year, we’re welcoming 12 new companies with climate-smart solutions from all over the world that have the potential to change the way we grow and do business.”

The 12 winners will begin their produce industry introduction from May 7-12 when they tour fields and facilities from LA to San Francisco for their Immersion Week.  After this, company leaders will be paired with industry mentors who will help them to understand and adjust to the unique challenges in the produce industry.  Cohort members will participate in regular webinars and networking leading up to the culminating event at IFPA’s Global Produce and Floral Show in Anaheim this October. All winners will be featured on the show’s Expo Floor.

The 2023 Fresh Field Catalyst Accelerator Cohort includes:

  • Agrology – Alexandria, VA, USA
  • Arable – San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Avo Solutions – Quillota, Chile
  • Bloomfield – Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • BloomX – Rishpon, Israel
  • FireFly-One, Inc. –  Waxahachie, TX, USA
  • Four Growers, Inc. – Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • Fyteko – Brussels, Belgium
  • Gardin Ltd – Oxford, England
  • Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) – Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Moleaer – Hawthorne, CA, USA
  • Spornado – Toronto, Canada

The Fresh Field Catalyst is supported by Innovation Partners, S2G Ventures and sponsor, RSM. More information about the cohort and their activities will be posted on the IFPA channels including social media, and the IFPA Fresh Takes on Tech podcast where participants will share their company stories in the coming months.

April 21, 2023

Trammell Crow’s annual EarthX 2023 E-Capital Summit gives FireFly-One, Inc. an opportunity to shine with Revolutionary Greenhouse Lighting Solution

FireFly-One, Inc., the leading provider of pulsed xenon lighting solutions for greenhouse applications, proudly participated in the prestigious E-Capital Summit and Expo at EarthX 2023. Held in Dallas, Texas, during the week of April 19, 2023, the event provided an ideal platform for FireFly-One, Inc. to showcase its groundbreaking lighting technologies designed for sustainable agriculture.

At the E-Capital Summit, FireFly-One, Inc. showcased its advanced pulsed xenon lighting systems tailored for greenhouse environments. These innovative solutions deliver optimized light spectrum and intensity to enhance plant growth and maximize crop yields while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. The company’s participation at EarthX exemplifies its commitment to revolutionizing sustainable farming practices through cutting-edge lighting technologies.

FireFly-One, Inc.’s presence at the EarthX E-Capital Summit and Expo garnered great enthusiasm, sparking valuable conversations and collaborations with farmers, environmentalists, policymakers, investors, and industry professionals. By integrating state-of-the-art lighting solutions into agriculture, FireFly-One, Inc. is empowering farmers to cultivate crops more efficiently, sustainably, and economically. The company’s groundbreaking contributions align with its mission to drive positive change within the agricultural industry.

May 5, 2023

Perkins Coie announces Pitch Competition results from 2023 Inagural Springboard

Over the past nine weeks, we had the incredible honor of participating in Perkins Coie’s inaugural Startup Springboard program. It has been an unforgettable journey of learning, growth, and collaboration!

The Startup Springboard program brought together a diverse and dynamic group of nearly 20 startup companies from our home state of Texas. We had the opportunity to connect, learn, and build lasting relationships with fellow entrepreneurs who share our passion for innovation. The education, mentoring, and networking provided by Perkins Coie were truly invaluable in shaping our entrepreneurial journey.

After weeks of intensive preparation, the program culminated in a pitch competition. We were evaluated by a panel of judges, including our peers and external experts who brought a wealth of experience and insight to the table. The competition was fierce, with each company delivering outstanding pitches that showcased their unique visions and aspirations.

We are humbled and immensely proud to share that FireFly-One, Inc. emerged as the winner of the pitch competition! Our pitch was recognized for its exceptional market/product fit, demonstrating the value and potential of our groundbreaking innovations. This achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication and hard work of our incredible team.

We want to express our gratitude to the entire Startup Springboard cohort. Without the collective spirit of learning, sharing, and supporting one another, this program would not have been the resounding success that it was. We are honored to have been part of such an incredible group of individuals. In addition, we would like to extend a special thank you to our co-sponsors, Carta JPMorgan Chase & Co., EisnerAmper, and CTAN.  

This is just the beginning of an incredible journey for FireFly-One Inc. We are energized by this victory and inspired to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry. We remain dedicated to our mission of revolutionizing the world with our innovative solutions.

With gratitude, The FireFly-One Team