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As science advances and paradigms shift, the knowledge about the relationship of a plant to its environment continues to develop. In the study of “sunflecks” it’s has been learned that light delivered in short microburst to a plant can be processed rapidly.  The idea that a plant can process these short repetitive bursts of light is an unfamiliar concept since we live in a world where light is delivered in a constant and consistent manner. FireFLy-One™ has replicated this natural sunfleck process using Xenon Strobe Technology.

After 10 years of research and development, Firefly-One™ is proud to introduce a horticulture strobe light that mimics natural sunflecks.  This patented technology is significantly more efficient compared to all HPS and LED lights on the market.


Mimics Sunlight

97% Reduction

Control Daily
Light Integral

Stroboscopic Xenon Flash Grow Lights

The PhotonFlux Xenon strobe lighting system produces a full spectrum of visible light at high intensity pulses, spanning a greater range than any other competitive systems. Harnessing the documented benefits of UVA and UVB, green light and far infrared, PhotonFlux reaches far into the leaf strata and produces stronger roots and stems, faster transplants, quicker crop cycles and higher yields.

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PhotonFlux Lights


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Helping Growers Save on
Energy and Increase Profits


High intensity pulsed xenon replicates natural short burst Sunfleck

26-watts of energy - small carbon footprint

Illumination covers 40 sq ft at 7' high

Low operational heat - No heat on plants

Full spectrum from UVA and UVB to IR (250nm-2200nm)

Separately switched LED task lighting

Provides more light (ppfd) than LEDs or HPS

Easy plug together IP67 wiring

Custom brackets available


Penetrates leaf strata

Increased photosynthesis provides larger plant yields

Stronger & improved root systems

Stronger stems with reduced inter node spacing

Shorter growth cycles

Penetrates canopies

Increased light thru shoot to root nods

Better and quicker transplants from seeds or cuttings


How Much Could You Save?

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1. How many LED or HPS fixtures do you have?